Saturday, July 1, 2017

Another project

A long time ago a friend shared a post on making this craft:

It looked so beautiful and I wanted to do it, but I never did.

Fast forward to this week. The kids and I finished reading The Secret Garden together. We all really enjoyed the book. It was a great book to expand vocabulary and concepts. We then watched the movie together. Since we were all still enjoying this book and talking about plants we decided to plant a few seeds in pots together.

This was the best picture I could get. Hahah!

Then, I remembered that long lost flower art box. But thinking about finding 4 good cardboard boxes and cutting it all out sounded like a lot of work. So I decided to seriously simplify this project.

We went to the store and bought 1 bouquet of flowers and a package of one sided contact paper

We pulled off one side of the contact paper and set it on the table. Then the kids got to decide what flowers to use and how to make their flower collage.

So they filled up their paper with petals, leaves and flowers. When they were happy with the end result we put another sheet of contact paper on sealing the project in. Then we taped the project on the windows to give it a stained glass look.

I think they turned out just lovely! We looked up all the flowers in the bouquet and learned there was lilies, roses, asters and a few others.

Easy easy easy easy! AND fun project!

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