Wednesday, February 27, 2019

February pics

Here are a few random pictures from February!
Date night with Dan! 

Silly little boy!

More snow!

Beautiful flowers a sweet friend gave me after a long week. Aren’t they  lovely?!?!

Fell asleep in mommas bed. 

She loves to be held like a baby. Such a weirdo

Trying to give me a hug

Lost First Tooth

Colt lost his first tooth! He was so eager for it to come out and was so brave to let mom pull it out! He seems so big now!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Pictures of the Sky

I really don’t know why but if I see an amazing sunset or sunrise or cool looking clouds I have this strong desire to take a picture of it. It never does it full justice. And it’s ridiculous because I am left with way too many pictures of the sky. Haha. But still I can’t help it, I just want to capture the beauty of it. So without further ado here are my many pictures of the sky.

Snow Days

We have had an unusually snowy winter this winter! We have loved getting chances to go play out in it. 

Surprised by beauty

It was a normal afternoon. We went to a park we have been to countless times. The kids noticed a path we haven’t seen before and asked if we could go down it. I agreed and we went on a little explore. The trail borders the park and had lots of trees and an open area. At the end of the open area was a little stream frozen by our cold weather. It completely caught me by surprise. It was so beautiful.
I love little surprises like this. The kids felt like we had stumbled upon something secret and special. Our own little secret garden. 

It was such a fun afternoon together.