Thursday, August 25, 2016


When we left Las Vegas we headed to our grandparents house. But on the way we stopped in Zion National Park for the afternoon. 
Riding the shuttle around.
My little wild animal loves riding with his head out. 
Went on a hike with the kids. It ended up being about a mile. We all LOVED it! Amazing scenery. 

The kids did so amazing. We were so proud of them! We are all eager to go back someday and spend more time there!

The Wedding

Now for the main event for our summer trip... The Wedding!!!

My grandpa with the big kids before the ceremony
Max fell asleep right before the ceremony and slept through it all! 
Pierce got to hold the rings. He was so proud. Saffryn got to hold the flowers!
And they are married! It was a really nice ceremony! Deana looked absolutely stunning. And they were both so happy and it was really touching. They are a great couple!
A silly picture with everyone!
Relaxing after the ceremony before the reception. Max is still asleep. Hehe
Taking pictures at The Flamingo. Kids loved looking at all the birds. 
Beautiful bride!
I love how sweetly my dad is looking at my crazy kids!

After the reception we went to The High Roller. It was so fun. The kids loved getting to see the city lights and experience it with everyone. I didn't get any pictures during that time. Darn!

After a full day we walked back to our hotel room and little Colt couldn't take it anymore 

We had such a wonderful time! It was such a beautiful and fun wedding. We made memories that will last a lifetime!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Vacation Part 2

Las Vegas here we come....
Colt wanted to hide under the blanket. Hahah!
Dan is not amused by my car selfies. ;)

It is about a 12 hour drive from my moms house to Las Vegas. My sister and brother in law drove down with us! I think we made it in 14 hours. Pretty good! 

We stayed on the strip together and really had a blast! Here are some of the pictures of our weekend there!

Uncle Steve, Aunt Erydin and the big kids   
Dinner together before our show: LOVE!
Saffryn, Pierce and I at LOVE. They were so excited!
The show had an age minimum of 5 so only my big two could come. They were amazed and awed by the show. It was such a treat for me to share that with them! I loved getting to experience it with my sister and Steve, too! It was a special night!
Breakfast at Paris 
Breakfast at Paris

We swam, we ate, we walked all around, we swam some more, we saw as much as we could and we had a wonderful time. The kids did amazing! We stayed up so late and were busy all day long and they were so patient. We loved getting to spend time with my sister and Steve and Dad and Deana. 

I'm pretty sure Saffryn thought Las Vegas was the most magical place in the world. Hahah! Oh I love her!

It was a great weekend. 

Next up: Wedding Pictures!

Family Vacation Part 1

We went on a big family vacation this summer! My dad got married in Las Vegas so our whole family made our way there! Before we got there we made a stop in Colorado to see my mom!
The big kids were with my mom already so Dan and I and the two little boys hit the road! We had a great drive until about thirty minutes from my moms house. She texted me and told me it was hailing and we needed to take cover. It was clear where we were so we kept going. All of a sudden we started hearing plinks and these huge pieces of hail hit the car. We turned around and hightailed it out of there managing to find a gas station to wait it out. Finally we made it to my moms house. Her poor house was destroyed by the hail. 
If we would have gotten there an hour sooner our car windows would have be smashed. Crazy!

The next day we went to a small amusement park called The North Pole. It's a Christmas themed park. It's so fun and cute. We had a great time. 
Max driving his little car! So cute!!!
All three big kids went on this zip line ride! They had a blast!

I forgot to get more pictures because I was too busy riding rides. We had a great weekend and loved our first stop!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


We have a few new milestones here:

Saffryn lost her top tooth! Now she is really looking like an elementary aged child! Sheesh!

Pierce learned to ride with no training wheels! So proud of this boy!

Monday, July 18, 2016

A Weekend of Moving

Several unexpected fixes and months later we finally sold our house in Texas! Which means...we finally got to move into our own house! My inlaws were so very gracious to let us stay with them. They were so patient and truly didn't sweat the small stuff.  A big huge thanks to them!

Last week was closing day for us! Dan took a few days off to help me with the movers and unpacking (thank you my love!!!). Here are some pics of the long weekend. 

Max got really sick a few days before closing. That made packing and organizing a little trickier. So I had to make sure and take breaks to snuggle him
Right after closing! We are home!
We decided to do an emergency painting session for Saffryn. Her room was a very dark green. It made the room feel very small. Her bed is a loft bed so once that goes up it is ridiculous to try and move it. So we figured we better paint before the bed came!
She chose orchid lane. I love it. A very soft and soothing purple!
Picnic meals on the floor before furniture came!
It was moving day!!! It rained so hard the morning the truck was supposed to come. I was worried they wouldn't be able to work, but it eventually slowed down. 
Baby wearing my sick and clingy boy while directing the movers. 
The movers brought in a large floor piano. It was like xmas!!!
Boxes galore!
More boxes 
Someone had reached their limit. Poor sick and overstimulated baby. 
The deck was the first room to get done! We are super excited about this space!
The other side of the deck. 
Starting to unpack. Overwhelming. 
Living room mess. 
Put up a picture collage in the master bedroom. I love it!
Kitchen is done!!!! Eventually we want to paint some things in here and do a few small projects. But for now it's great!
Had to take another snuggle break!

I can't forget to thank my many friends! They were all so eager to help me! Watching kids, bringing meals, bringing a few groceries, texts and calls, coffee. Thank you sweet friends. You guys are the best!

There is a little glimpse inside our weekend. Still have LOTS to do!